What's Freshdesk?

Freshdesk is [ui!]'s customer support ticketing system. FreshDesk items should fall outside of our DevOps Project Management processes e.g. SoW, PPP, UAT, building and deploying new items, internal bugs, product development etc.

What goes in FreshDesk?

  • Faults, technical issues (e.g. dashboard link won’t load, can’t connect to server, error messages re telemetry ingestion or data visualisation etc
  • Add/remove users / permissioning requests (eventually clients will be able to manage this for themselves)
  • Request for information e.g. Purple WiFi data, most recent users who have accessed my dashboard etc.
  • Feedback on Platform releases (new feature deployments) on staging and/or production.

What doesn't go in FreshDesk?

  • Future feature suggestions/requests – these requests should go to the PM who will capture them for the next Phase of works / next version of our Product.
  • Things clients decide they want changed – bar graph to line graph; blue icon to red etc (these requests should go via their PM and to a Design Review Committee; Variation Order created where appropriate)

Submitting a ticket

Go to https://ui.freshdesk.com/support/home 
Tickets are entered into FreshDesk either by the client (with the PM being cced on all tickets submitted by their client(s) so they are aware of the issues that are arising for their client(s)) or by the Project Manager on behalf of their client.